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Monday, December 10

Free Stuff For Bloggers, Small Business Owners, Web Masters

Wow! I was only searching for a free space to host my PDF writing samples, new ebooks I've authored as a ghostwriter, strategic marketing plans and the like. What I stumbled upon was TheFreeSite.com.

There's like a gazillion wonderful sites listed here. It seems to be really useful free web stuff, too. Plenty of goods for small business owners, web site owners, and bloggers... Free ebooks, free white papers, free sounds, free freelance services listings, free freeware, free family stuff, and too much more to list.

Heck, there's probably a "free freebies" category there, too. Not sure what that would be, but they, no doubt have it at The Free Site.

By the way, for more about my freelance writer and public relations services, feel "free" to visit my business website: http://petleopard.com/

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