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Wednesday, September 19

Leave O.J. Alone - Switch to Gin and Juice (videos)

Football legend O.J. Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas for an alleged commando-style retaking of his own sports memorabilia.  The former Hertz spokesman is again in jail, harkening to his days of being accused for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

If you thought the "Leave X alone" video trend was subsiding, think again. Britney Spears defender Chris Crocker started it, and next came a wave of parody comedians videos such as Seth Green. Now, a tsunami of sports fans are hitting the Internet with comic turns about none other than infamous accused murder suspect, football hall of famer O.J. Simpson.

The O.J. news that triggered his YouTube video stardom? He attempted to retrive, commando-style, his own sports memorabilia from a collector who may have obtained this lucrative sports merchandise illegally himself. The charges are serious and include kidnapping.

Jeeze, Paris Hilton getting drunk again, after swearing she wouldn't, can't even get the media attention she seems to crave, thanks to OJ... Really: Thanks, OJ!

Leave O.J. Simpson Alone (video #1)

Leave O.J. Simpson Alone (video #2)

Not Just O.J., Have Gin and the Juice Instead (video #3)


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