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Saturday, September 1

Buzz Marketing, MySpace Millionairess, Gay Cruising

Sen. Larry Craig and the gay cruising sex scandal are currently among the most searched for information.  No plans to here to use this gay cruise info, but inquiring minds want to know!

Imagine this: I've been online almost all evening and haven't read a single Britney Spears private parts exposed story, haven't noticed a link to Britney's new music video (which I hear is hot on YouTube), nor any stories about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's stormy divorce and child custody battle.

So what the heck am I reading that's so engaging? Here's where I've been, and you might like these sites, too:

1. Buzz Marketing by Dean Hunt. Part genius, part snake oil salesman, Dean Hunt knows a lot about a lot, he says. He followers, it seems, agree. Dean Hunt's Buzz Marketing Services page tells people to "go away" because he's too busy making money online and elsewhere as a copywriter and Internet entrepreneur. His Buzz Marketing site is an extremely engaging read, and he's the master of the tease: he gets you very interested in a topic, then says that only his subscribers will be given his secret techniques. All of that said, if you're into SEO article writing and want to know how to get to the top on Digg.com, Dean Hunt provides the best instructions for doing so!

2. Ashley Qualls is only 17, but she's made over $1 million in Google ad revenue from her website, Whateverlife.com. She's proud that her site generates more traffic than Oprah Winfrey's does. Obviously well targeted, Whateverlife.com gives away glitzy, free MySpace page layouts that appeal to girls. But as Diddy and Biggie rapped years ago, mo' money brings mo' problems. According to the story about Ashley's WhateverLife.com in Fast Company, success has caused riffs in her family. Maybe behind every dot-com mogul, there's a National Enquirer story in the making.

3. I've also been studying-up on gay sex signals, in the wake of the Senator Larry Craig and his alleged use of same. An article at Slate, titled Bathroom Sex FAQ, says that foot-tapping in a bathroom stall so the guy in the next one over can see your shoe is an old and well-known gay cruising custom. I chuckled when the article said that in the eighties, a sexual position that men frequently used in the mens room at Bloomingdale's in New York City involved one guy sitting on the toilet, while the other stood in front of him for oral sex -- get this -- with his feet planted inside two Bloomingdale's shopping bags. We'll never look at those brown shopping bags the same!

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