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Wednesday, September 12

#1 Britney Fans Cries "Leave Britney Alone!" to MTV VMA Haters

I'm not sure that Madonna fans ever grew quite so emotional over the "Material Girl," but her protegee, Britney Spears, certainly is bringing them to tears. Britney's lackluster performance on the MTV VMA show sort of bumped Osama bin Laden's latest video off the front burner. Now Britney's emotionally wrought, #1 fan -- Chris Crocker -- seems to be upstaging even her.

One gets the impression that Britney's burned out from it all, wants to pack up it all up and go back to home to Louisiana, to simpler times. If that's true, she deserves a hand for even agreeing to do the VMA show, showing up in Las Vegas (even though it appears she wasn't truly in the mood), and getting into the studio to record "Gimme More" in the first place.

I like that "Gimme More" borrows the spirit of Madonna's "Vogue." It seems that Britney is otherwise picking right up in the drama department where now-mature mother Madonna left off, too. I only wish that Britney had been nearly as animated during her VMA performance as Madonna, or even her hysterical YouTube fan Chris Crocker is in defending her.

If you haven't seen this crying fan rant and rave "Leave Britney alone!," here's the video -- threats and all... He needs a sedative.

Chris Crocker (YouTube video star) - Back up, Britney haters!

Britney Spears video compilation - "Gimme More"

Madonna video - "Vogue"

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