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Tuesday, August 28

Lunar Eclipse Photos

If you missed last night's lunar eclipse, I've posted a shot of it at my photo sharing site, Tabblo.com. You can click thru above to see the lunar eclipse photo, which comes after the photo of the two, big dragonflies.

Fyi, the lunar eclipese photo is filed in the Two-fer Tuesday group, where many members of this online community eagerly await opportunities once a week to showcase any two-shot they've recently taken. My entry for today's Two-fer Tuesday is titled "Two Too Much" because there are two dragonflies in the one photo, and then you'll see two full moons: last night's orange lunar eclipse and a round, white beauty from the night prior.

The lunar eclipse, full moon, and dragonfly photos all were taken in St. Louis, where I'm visiting family... And where chapters from my book, Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar, are set.


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Sunday, August 19

StyleHive.com - Where the Fashion Bugs Buzz

Style Hive is likely the Internet's coolest fashion resources, dedicated to true style mavens in search of the hottest shoes, cosmetics, dresses -- you name it -- for parties, back-to-school, fresh looks for work and moreIf you're among the fashion divas, fashionistas, glamazons, or fashion bugs surfing the 'net, be sure to check out StyleHive.com. As Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas would sing, StyleHive is one of the most glamorous social bookmark clubs on the Internet. Fashion savvy women are buzzing to the 'Hive from everywhere.

There's tons of fun stuff going on at StyleHive, not just fun and funky apparel. Ladies are social bookmarking and rating everything from the hottest handbags and bangle bracelets to stiletto heels and cosmetics. And that's not all! Right now there's even a killer rocking chair on the front page, if home furnishings and interior design is your thing. (Of course you're into glamming-up your home or apartment or dorm room, as any truly buzz-worthy honey bee would!)

StyleHive is organized by communities, with fashion fans flocking to join under groups such as Barneys New York, The Gap, Bloomingdales, Etsy, Martha Stewart, Fashiontribe, and numerous others. Fashion finding doesn't get much more exciting than this. So make a beeline over the StyleHive and get buzzzzzy online shopping!

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Friday, August 10

How to get a FREE copy of the ebook, Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar

Free book reviews will get you a free ebook of Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar. In exchange for for your reviews, you get 3 web links to help build traffic to your site.  Writers and book clubs, contact the author, Viqi French.
Yes, it's completely free, this new ebook, and you can receive the free PDF within 24 hours. Whether you're a writer whose writing a book, or belong to a few book clubs, or just read lots of great books, here's how the free ebook offer works...

Read the ebook, Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar, and submit a written review. In exchange for all written reviews for the author's publicity use, you also get high-traffic web links at 3 of the author's sites! If you're looking to build traffic to your site, here's a fun way to get more visibility and eyeballs.

Warning: "Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar" is a trip – one that tumbles readers delightfully down Memory Lane. It's chock full of zany stories about ghost sightings, encounters with twisted cross-dressers, trysts with fringe political groups and more. If funny drama and a bit of decadence aren't your cup of tea, you'd best stay away from this upROARious book!

If after reading the free ebook you didn't enjoy, just provide your constructive feedback. But those who like the new ebook "Daddy's Gonna Buy That Baby A Jaguar" get 3 web links and possibe mention in the author's other publicity efforts. Press releases, printed material, back of book jacket and more.

To get the free ebook and participate in this cool link opportunity, contact Viqi French here: Yes, email me the darn free ebook as a PDF already!

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