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Saturday, July 28

Tabblo - Photo Sharing For Photographers Who Can't Keep Still(life)

Tabblo: Drum Circle Saturday In Chicago's Hyde Park Neighborhood

Do not attempt to adjust your radio dial. You're now grooving to the African drumming of Dahoui Ensemble Du Rhythm!

For more about Dahoui, check them out at DrummingCircle.com

... See my Tabblo...

I'm excited about a photo sharing social site I've discovered, and it's becoming addictive. Tabblo is its name, and picking up where Flickr leaves off seems to be its game.

The thing is, I bought a nice new Kodak camera earlier this year and hadn't used it very much until recently. But now that I'm onto Tabblo, I can't seem to put down my camera... because I can't wait to show my stuff at this wonderful online social site.

The advantages of using Tabblo?
  1. The photos look absolutely stunning.
  2. The ability to customize the layout in which you present your photos. You can choose the backdrop colors for your Tabblo photo album. Unlike Flickr, you can caption your photos in the font of your choosing, and make each set more of a personalized photoessay.
  3. It's free, there aren't any ads on the site, and people can buy your images as postcards, posters and other merchandise. (Most unfortunately though, you don't get to share in the revenue.
  4. And perhaps best of all is this: You can build links galore into your photo album to bounce the great amount of site traffic from groups you've joined to your main website or blog.

If you're into photography, you'll definitely want to check Tabblo out. I learned about it from this excellent USA Today article that compares some of the photo-sharing sites: Pictures Worth More Than a Thousand Words On Upgraded Photo Sites.

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Thursday, July 12

Squidoo : Giant Squid Trapped By Google's Tentacles

Squidoo lens owners who've been enjoying high Google page ranks and therefore making money online with their Google AdSense are washing ashore these days

A client has asked me to create for her vacation rental-related project a Squidoo lens. Up until now, Squidoo hadn't been on my radar screen, so I decided to deep dive to learn more. Here's a New York Times article from about a year ago that helped me wrap my mental tentacles around what Squidoo is and why it's become so popular. And then I found many other doosies -- including some current sea biscuits about how those with sites on the SEO squid giant are being choked by the long arms of the Google law lately.

Check out these gnarly Squidoo be-do-be-doos:

1. Around July 7, Google apparently reached into most of the popular Squidoo lens pages and either severely lowered their page rankings on the Google search results pages, or dropped those Squidoo sites completely from the Google search system. Ouch. Talk about a tsunami. People are just starting to learn what's happened to their page ranks, so the Squidoo chatter -- "panic" in most cases, really-- is nearing a crescendo. Their high traffic counts suddenly have vanished, so their high Google AdSense clicks are slowing to an eerie trickle, it seems.

2. Here's a sample of the reactions some leading affiliate marketing bloggers have gone on record with regarding Google's knuckle-rap of Squidoo-ers:
-- Squidoo-It-Yourself
-- 5 Star Affiliate Programs
-- Calacanis.com
-- Earners Blog
-- Squidoo Blueprint

3. Squidoo's "SquidBlog" on July 5 came clean with a big post about its ferocious problems with:
-- people spamming members' lenses (i.e., their groups and comments sections) to boost their link-backs, which boosts their Google rankings
-- "pseudo-lens" site owners automatically trapping surfers in unwanted, unescable porn site hell.
If you're like me and are on the brink of setting up a Squidoo lens, you should check out the new controls the company is putting in place.

Giant squid found along the coast of Australia weighs 550 lbs.
4. Last but not least... In case you're wondering why I keep referring to Squidoo as the "giant squid," it's because -- as serendipity would have it -- one of the big stories in the current news cycle (while I was planning this Squidoo post) is about a so-called monster squid that washed up on a shoreline in Australia a day or two ago. Isn't this intriguing? If you're as turned-on by this as I am, perhaps we lived in Atlantis in another life.

So here's a salute about the real giant squid, which is said to be about the size of a bus, with eyes the size of volleyballs, and weighs 550 lbs... Calamari anyone?

Sunday, July 1

Video: Tough Turtle Love or Hardcore Hardshell

I'm not sure why I'm putting this video at Blog Band-Aids. Except I've gotta be able to watch it again, I suppose. That, and I think the female turtle here could use a Band-Aid of her own. Not necessarily to patch up a blogging boo-boo, but she's surely got to have a bruised boo-boo nonetheless -- particularly by the time her tuckered-out, dusty old turtle-man gets done with her...

Turtle Love

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PS #1 -- Did you know that turtles even made sounds?
PS #2 -- Doesn't that horn-dog of a turtle sound like...?
Pee Wee Herman of Pee Wee's Fun House
In any case, this girly-turtle needs to get a restraining order.

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