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Saturday, June 16

Google vs. eBay : A CyberBattle For Click$

A clash between two Internet Titans -- Google and eBay -- seems to be getting ugly. What they're battling over is your cyber-wallet. In fact, eBay is so angry with Google, they've pulled all those auction advertisements from the search engine's gazillion pages.

The two former "lovers" are at each others' throats over the PayPal rival that Google is establishing. Google Checkout, the growing online payment service, is a relatively small fry compared to PayPal's dominant customer count. But eBay isn't taking any chances.

Who could blame eBay for protecting PayPal's turf? According to this Washington Post story, EBay Fails to See Fun In Google's Party Plan, Google is aggressively trying to woo eBay's buyers and seller. So eBay retaliated by pulling its keyword ads from Google's search pages.

If these two don't kiss and make up soon, Google could lose tens of millions of dollars in ad revenue. And eBay could be on its way to becoming a low-traffic ghost town. Really, isn't this like King Kong vs. Godzilla? [wiki]

Washington Post article about Google's corporate culture

At FreewareOf.org, check this close look at eBay culture and site profile

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Sunday, June 10

Rx : Paris Hilton, Phishing, Fashion Blog, Social Networks

Paris Hilton speaks to the news media when her jail term was still pending. ~ In the continuing jail-for-drunk-driving on a suspended license saga of Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton... Bloggers are covering reports that her grandfather, William Barron Hilton, was a $1,000 donor to Sheriff Lee Baca's re-election campaign last year. Get the full scoop at Leaning Straight Up, where lots of other celebrity donor names are dropped, including an interesting morsel about Mel Gibson's drunk driving arrest.

~ Conversely, blogger Jules Crittenden has a soft heart for Paris Hilton and begs us to put her situation in perspective. Crittenden writes: How can you look at anyone piteously sobbing on her way to jail and not feel bad for her, when her crime is not sticking a knife in someone, raping someone’s grandmother, holding anyone up at gunpoint or stealing their life’s savings, but essentially failing to figure out that the rules apply to her.

~ Beware of the "phish fry." That's what I call the activities of fraudulent emailers who are trying to trick us into giving them our passwords so that they can steal from us via our PayPal, eBay and other accounts. If you're not familiar with phishing scams, please read this article: A Phisher Is Trying to Steal Your Identity. It recommends software and other precautions we should all take so as not to fall victim to these very tricky thieves.

~ Some situations call for a simple band-aid, while others require binding your bosom. If you're interested in winning a Champion Sports Bra, check out SheFinds.com, a popular fashion blog. While there, discover the hottest looks for summer in everything from shoes, jeans and sunglasses to bath and beauty products, eyebrow care and online sales.

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~ Want to know who's aggregating the aggregators? Why it's PopURLs! This fantastic site very neatly displays up-to-the-minute headlines from across the blogosphere. The latest at Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, Flickr, Newsvine and many other prominent social networking sites are shown at a glance, providing an excellent, quick snapshot to help decide where you want to surf next. Very niiiiice!

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Thursday, June 7

Sprite Takes a Pop at Creating the Next MySpace

Not satisfied being in your refrigerator, in front of Paula Abdul on American Idol, and plopping out of vending machines around the world, Coca-Cola wants its famous beverage brands to mark the hottest destination for social networking [Wiki list] addicts, too.

A New York Times Technology article says the new Internet site, Sprite Yard, will be loaded with plenty of whiz-bangery. Currently only available in China but coming soon to America, the Sprite Yard social network will only be accessible by cell phone. The Coca-Cola Company [Wiki] envisions Sprite Yard becoming the next MySpace:

Sprite Yard, to be introduced in the United States this month, will look a lot like the social networking sites that have become popular on the Internet. Consumers will be able to set up personal profiles, share photos and chat online with friends, all using cellphones rather than computer screens.

People will type in codes from Sprite bottle caps to redeem original content, like ring tones and short video clips called mobisodes. Recently, one of the most redeemed prizes from Coca-Cola promotions has been virtual clothing and furniture to use in virtual online worlds, said Mark J. Greatrex, senior vice president for marketing communications and insights at Coca-Cola.
However, some marketing gurus are leery about Sprite's daring new venture. The flat fall of BudTV is sited by one marketing expert, and Wal-Mart felt the sting, too, with its failed attempt called "The Hub," which also had hoped to woo the MySpace crowd.

It'll be interesting to observe whether Sprite Yard bubbles up, or falls as flat as yesterday's soda pop.

Monday, June 4

Ebooks and Digital Reads Gain Industry Traction

I wasn't able to attend BookExpo America in New York City this year, so was pleased to find this great New York Times article with a strong Internet-related take on what's happening in the publishing world.

The NYT article "Waxing Philosophical, Booksellers Face the Digital" tells of the looming, inevitable presence of online lions at this year's BookExpo, which ended yesterday at the Javitz Convention Center. In addition to the usual star-power attending BookExpo to hawk new tomes (this year, Rosie O'Donnell, Stephen Colbert and Alan Greenspan), making lots of noise were companies such as Google, MySpace and Microsoft, too.

More now than ever, the publishing industry is grappling with the rise of online booksellers and the fizzle of brick-and-mortar book stores, it says. So if you're considering book writing, or are close to self-publishing your manuscript, be sure to study-up on the new, less expensive distribution opportunities.

Free, promotional copies of ebooks (e-books) and other digitized publishing channels such as Amazon are gaining in importance industrywide. And consider this: If you've been blogging fairly consistently for a while, you're probably 80% near completion of a nice book or ebook manuscript.

Here are a few helpful ebook-related links I've bookmarked to delve into:

Saturday, June 2

5 Super-Vitamin Links to 'Build Traffic' Health

Want to build traffic for your blog or Website? Well, check out the strong medicine these five blogging docs are dispensing, free of charge, for whatever ails your blog stats:

1. Deborah Ng at About.com provides an excellent round-up of the basics for driving more traffic to your site with Top 10 Tips For Building Traffic to Your Blog.

2. At Can I Make Big Money Online, don't miss the entry, titled 101 Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic. There are some truly out-of-the-box ideas here that may introduce even the seasoned site-owner to lots of new techniques for increasing traffic.

3. At Jane May Blogs, check the science of working MySpace to get more clicks, as told in the post titled MySpace As a Marketing Tool. Many of us may have a MySpace account, but may not be optimizing it. Jane May tells how it can be done.

4. At ScreenSaverHub, here's an insightful piece worth reading: 6 Reasons You Must Submit Articles to E-Zines. This is one approach I intend to take fuller advantage of very soon.

5. Courtney Tuttle attributes a healthy blogging income, in part, to these Secrets of Building a High-Traffic Site. Based on Courtney's money-making stats, those of us who want to mimic success would do well to implement some of these excellent ideas.

Friday, June 1

BlogHer Conference In Chicago, July 27-29

BlogHer '07 Conference Theme -- July 27-29, the BlogHer Conference '07 hits Chicago, and I couldn't be more delighted. This'll be my first time attending, and I'm looking forward to networking with so many fellow writers of the blogosphere. Attendees primarily will be women bloggers from across the country, but apparently plenty of men and teen writers turn out for this important event, too.

In tribute to the excitement the BlogHer Conference '07 promises here in the Windy City, I decided to surf the official site -- BlogHer.org -- to get to know some of the key players a bit better. These aren't necessarily the speakers and panelists, but some of the popular writers on the site who I look forward to possibly meeting at the conference:

Debra Roby submitted this clever piece in the Art & Design section of BlogHer * On the front page of the Art & Design section, blogger Debra Roby posts a piece titled "Living Art," opening with this simple question: "How would you react if during your daily commute talented musicians suddenly burst into song on your subway train?" After viewing this riveting, funny as heck and extremely entertaining video from YouTube, you'll tip your hat to Roby, too, for bringing BlogHer fans this living gem showcasing the power of music to smash cultural barriers:

Lained, a frequent poster at BlogHer.org, is a very talented writer who alway provokes thought about Race, Ethnicity & Culture * Popular BlogHer columnist Lained covers the Race, Ethnicity & Society beat. She most recently filed this compelling report about the newly solved mysterious murder of 25-year-old Alicia Ross in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Food & Drink writer Kalyn Denny currently focus on grilling goodies such as this eggplant dish.  I LOVE eggplant, and now have a few new recipes to try, thanks to this BlogHer member * BlogHer columnist Kalyn Denny of Salt Lake City, Utah, is front and center on the Food & Drink page. Kalyn's latest entry is a round-up article of about 25 scrumptious recipes for summer grilling, making everything sizzle from zucchini to salmon. Yum!

Sex & Relationships writer Ming Jung Kim * For Sex & Relationships, columnist Min Jung Kim rants a great piece targeting those who sleep nude (with others). And that's all I'll say about that. Min Jung Kim says it best and humorously, I might add.

So if you're getting serious about carving your space in the world of blogging -- in real estate, cooking, public relations, publishing or any other popular field -- the BlogHer Conference looks like the place to be. Hope to see you there, too!

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