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Wednesday, May 30

God Is Good, and So Is John Chow

Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com can be downloaded for free below!Those of you who frequent Blog Band-Aids may have noticed there aren't very many sites listed in the Blogs About Making Money Blogging section of the sidebar here. If so, you've probably also noticed that one of the few, endorsed blogs over there is JohnChow.com. Actually, John Chow does so well making money with his blog -- and so generously shares his knowledge with his enormous, faithful following -- that his was the first link I added when creating the section.

But fast-forward to today, when I was surfing around, trying to get up to speed for an exciting ebook writing project I'm being considered for. Thing is, I've never actually purchased an ebook, so wasn't at all sure if there was anything extra special I needed to know to write one... I also wondered about turning one of my own, dusty book manuscripts into an ebook to sell online... I figured that in a few days, I'd have to eke out some time to get this all figured out...

Then, moments later -- out of the blue -- I opened a rare email from a fellow blogger known as Villager, who authors Electronic Village. Miraculously, Villager had emailed me a free copy of a hot ebook! (Turns out, an ebook is simply a PDF file.)

But guess who authored the ebook: none other than master online money-maker John Chow! The morale of this story: Sometimes when it rains, it pours blessings.

After reading only the first seven or so pages of the ebook, titled Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com [PDF], I already was tremendously impressed. The man's good -- a brilliant marketer, having all his fans to virally give away the ebook for free. As a result, many thousands of people will click the links within the ebook, which lead directly to John's site. Once there, a nice percentage of John's new readers will click his various advertising links -- making his site more profitable than ever.

This is why I've titled this post "Good Is Good, and So Is John Chow." Both surprised me with perfectly timed, extremely inspiring gifts today. I now know that getting out my own ebook is something I can very easily do!! (Hey John Chow: When you read this post, make a mental note that I'd be happy to repay you by professionally editing your next ebook at a deep-discount rate, if interested. The good Lord already knows how sincerely grateful I am that your awesome ideas and tips came my way via Villager.)

By the way, dear readers, if you write a review (similar to this one, but shorter) on your blog about JohnChow.com and his "make money online" expertise, John'll link to your blog so his legion of fans can learn about your site and visit. Click here to read John's very simple instructions for participating.

Mentioning that you got wind of this opportunity at Blog Band-Aids in your post isn't necessary, but I'd sure appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 8

Blog Like Paul Wall : "Get Money, Stay True"

Blog Band-Aids helps bloggers learn how to make money from blogging by helping readers keep up to date about the latest blog advertising and promotions techniques and networks

If you want to understand more about how bloggers are monetizing their sites and making money online, don't miss these high-roller articles:

~ Performancing.com has an extremely helpful post comparing Google AdSense vs. Text Link Ads vs. Amazon Affiliate vs. BlogAds. There are even some especially keen and specific insights here. One example I like was the mention of BlogAds not being so great a revenue generator if you're writing in a certain niche. The article also touches on something that I've had concerns about, which is whether AdSense really could provide the best return (ROI) for the space I give their ads. If you're into monetization, monetizing, blog promotion for profit, or building blog traffic to make the pay-per-clicks start to clacking, you'll like the article at Performancing. I really like the information at this blog!

~ "Blogging For Dollars" at Boston.com gives a great overview of some star online money-makers including Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.com, and Joel Schoemaker, who runs Shoemoney.com and says he makes over $100,000 through blogging. Both of these top bloggers are very generous in terms of writing about the tips and tricks it took to get them to the star blogger status they enjoy today.

~ And at PaulaMooney.blogspot.com, there's a wonderful and wholely telling post about the salaries of some top bloggers, including a chart for easy comparison. Paula's research concluded that blogger Andrew Johnson, who runs the Web Publishing Blog, is the #1 money maker in the blogosphere, with a reported $3,650,000.00 salary from blogging! But it doesn't stop there: Paula's excellent chart lists the top 60 professional bloggers, with a link to each each of their successful sites. If making more than a few dollars a week on AdSense interests you, do not miss this head-spinning salary analysis.

BTW: Here's what one critic at Amazon.com says about Paul Wall's smokin' latest hip-hop CD, "Get Money, Stay True":

Great Sophomore Album By " The Peoples Champ"

April 28, 2007
Reviewer: Amparo Acosta "Otis" (Miami, Florida United States) - See all my reviews

You know you've arrived when Jermaine Dupri is featured on your first single. Say what you will about local-boy-done-good, Paul Wall, but you can't deny his appeal and influence in the fickle rap industry. He's the man that is credited for grillin' the world up. For a while there was no where you could go where you wouldn't see an elaborately jeweled mouthpiece and hear its owner boast proudly, "I got my grill from Paul Wall!"

His hustle is well documented and respected. His music matches his grind. After his first major label release, "The Peoples' Champ" outsold his H-town contemporaries, (not to mention it was a far better album than "Who is Mike Jones") Paul went back into the studio, and he, along with the rest of his SwishaHouse camp including Lil Keke, whose upcoming album will more than likely place him atop the H-town rap scene) have been beatin blocks up with their mixtapes.

The streets have been salivating for some new "Pow Wow", and the white boy delivered a dope offering. "Get Money..." opens with the 15 rattling thump of "Get Ya Paper" ft Yung Redd. After he reinroduces you to the grind, he starts to show off. 7 of the album's 14 tracks have major features, including the Snoop Dogg-assisted, "Everybody Know Me", "That Fire" ft Trina, and " And "Bangin Screw" a tribute to DJ Screw which is the man who invented Chopped And Screwed. There're even a couple of tracks that Paul's new wife, Crys Wall (yeah, that's her name!) is singing on. She is an R&B artist signed to SwishaHouse Records as well.

Big things coming outta H-town in 2007. And seems like Paul Wall is leading the charge. Get Money, Stay True, I give it 4 Mics for this one.

Increase Traffic & Technorati Rank!

Blogger Jason at Gorilla Sushi invited me to participate in a link exchange via my South Side Star blog, where I write about politics and pop culture. I got South Side Star in the loop and have definitely already experienced an increase in my Technorati ranking.

When I posted about the link exchange -- or link booming, as it seems to also be called -- I added the requisite three bloggers I thought might want to increase their blog traffic, too. I added Paula Mooney, Tisha! at Serenity Quest, and of course, Blog Band-Aids!

So this is my official post at Blog Band-Aids... But first, I want to invite any blogger reading this to get in on the action. If you like the idea of quickly increasing your blog traffic, first copy and paste the following list blogs and subscription feeds to your blog...

Subscribe to BobmeetsWorld
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And to the above list from South Side Star I'm adding the following admired bloggers...
Subscribe to Podcasts for Adrienne's Link Addiction
Subscribe to Vanessa:Unplugged's BeBarbie
Subscribe to Electronic Village

If you're a blogger who'd like to participate, here's a copy of the instructions from Gorilla Sushi's sponsor, CountRamblings.WordPress.com ...

...My traffic has soared, and my links have jumped from 90 to 125. So here’s the deal, I’ve added some of the blogs I follow to the bottom of the list...

Okay, we have seen the Technorati Fave Train steam by, got 2000 links from 2000 bloggers and followed your comments to the ends of the earth. Thousands of bloggers have reaped the rewards of these projects by getting their Technorati rank sky-high.

Now it’s time for the new linkboom: Feed my Feed! The idea is simple: You want readers and you want linkbacks too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than waterfor some.

So what do you do? Easy! Copy the (above) link list to your blog, hence creating linkbacks for your blogging friends. And then click the RSS feed link to subscribe to all of the blogs on the list. Add yourself and up to 3 other blogs and their feeds to the list before you post it.

Show some love! Just imagine if 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra linkbacks and 100 extra feed subscribers!

Wednesday, May 2

Blog Contests Build Blog Traffic

Here's a quickie post about Blog Contests, which offer some of the best opportunities to jump-start traffic for your blog. I ran a Blog Contest at South Side Star with mixed success.

My contest's goal was to increase subscribers to South Side Star. My blog welcomed visitors to get my updates via feed reader or email, and four of those people would win a prize. To participate you to 1) subscribe to my blog and 2) email me your choice of prize from among the CD and DVD prizes I offered as an Amazon affiliate.

The contest definitely drove traffic to my blog. People came in very impressive numbers because I'd left personalized contest invitations on various "friends" sites at MyBlogLog. (See MyBlogLog widget in the Widget Gallery at bottom of Sidebar.) I made a point of visiting each person's blog and leaving a brief, personalized comment in their MyBlogLog message box.

I only got a few subscribers -- six to be exact. Which I suppose was not so bad. What was really interesting, though, was that none of the subscribers emailed me their prize choice! So I wasn't able to identify or award the prize winners.

My key learnings from this little experiment:

~MyBlogLog is an excellent community. (Mostly) sensible people of all ages from all walks of life. Supportive, they are. And friendly. They are one huge group of bloggers who're motivated to surf member sites and help enliven your blog!

~ MyBlogLog drives traffic. This community exceeded my expectations in terms of number of visits who saw my message-invites and clicked to learn more about my contest.

~ A decent number of people seemed to value what I blog about -- politics and pop culture -- and took the time to subscribe. Some still return regularly, and I regularly visit their blogs as well.

~ Although I received a few compliments on the CD and DVD prizes I offered, not one person sent me the email I needed in order to know who they were and what prize they would choose.

I guess you can only ask so many steps. And I guess the bottom line result of exposure and traffic should suffice.

What would I do differently? I'd probably write and pay to post an actual press release at services such as PR Web.

Following are a few 'live' Blog Contests that you may want to check out soon:

~ Future of Search Marketing Blogging Contest

~ Blog Contest Site keeps a running blog of some the hot contests of the moment

~ John Chow dot Com's blog contest was hugely successful.

Tuesday, May 1

Want 9 Easy Steps to Business Success?

I like trolling around Netscape sometimes, which is why I have Netscape's news widget below in the Widget Gallery here at Blog Band-Aids. From the handy widget, I noticed an article titled "Start Your Own Successful Business In 9 Steps." I like the article because it's a quick, easy read and toplines all of the key areas one needs to give thought and research effort to, to cover all the bases toward success.

Not all bloggers blog with generating revenue as a goal. But those who do blog to make money online may benefit from the simple reminders in the article. Consider it a nice "to do" list, no matter the project. It's all about planning, and making sure the marketing mix is tight, strategic and vibrant.

Review Me : Pick Me!

Through enrollment in Review Me, pro bloggers like ShoeMoney earns $2,500 for every participating/advertiser blog he choses to review.  DoshDosh makes $600 to review blogs.  Not bad at all!

I'm trying something new in the area of making money blogging. Well, new to me, in any case. I just registered at Review Me, to possibly earn a little revenue writing here about some of the blog-related services and products I like. I have a feeling they'll snub me, though. I just have a feeling...

And if they do, we'll both miss a lot! Review Me couldn't know how enthusiastically this new blog, Blog Band-Aids, seems to be embraced by bloggers. There are so many creative and talented people who find that expressing themselves online becomes something of an obession. Some of us are rather ravenous for info leading to blog enhancements. And much of what Review Me needs writers to write about on their blogs is SEO-related.

But many other wonderful services and products are involved. I'm already excited about some of the stuff I saw at Review Me. I'm ready to write about the Baby Blog and Reef Sandals!

Both are very cool. Baby blogs are in big demand by expecting and new moms, and dad's too in some cases. I love the idea of new moms -- old moms, too -- taking up blogging. Women who blog about their child or children leave quite a legacy for the future of mankind.

Can't say the Reef Sandals serve quite as lofty a purpose, but it's summer, I just got home from a mall -- shoe shopping! For sandals, of course. So seeing these adorable flip-flops really excited me (further).

If anyone from Review Me is reading this, smile! Today, about 100 bloggers who shop are also reading this post and already are learning about Review Me and two of your prestigious clients. Next month, Blog Band-Aids could experience 500 visits per day. And so on... Shouldn't everyone reading Blog Band-Aids be reading your good news right now?

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More in the area of traffic-builders... Web developers are increasingly creating out-of-the-box, interactive objects called 'widgets.' Some widgets provide useful information or entertainment value. Others can connect your blog to social networks and communities, helping delivering an impressive amount of traffic.

Click the widgets you like and customize one for your own site:

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